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We have launched new version of MWT4U, you can redownload that and activate using same serial key received in mail at the time of purchase. Feel free to contact us if you have any doubt. Thank you

Easy and Fast

Sending a traffic is just two clicks away and very simple.

Real and Effective

This traffic is visible and tracable in any visitors tracking plateform like Google Analytic, short links like goo.gl or bit.ly

Safe and Reliable

Using this software to get traffic is 100% safe and reliable.

How It Works?

Send 24*7
Unlimited Traffic

You can send unlimited traffic 24*7.
Looking to give your stats a nice boost or even start your own website traffic business? In either case you have found the last software package you will ever need! With MyWebTraffic4U you can get traffic in second by just entering URL and hitting start button.

  • Generate Unlimited Traffic
  • Sub Page visits
  • Set Mouce activity
  • Customise source management

Traffic Source

In ret of the software there is no option to set traffic souce, here you can choose percentage of traffic from your selected souce like Google Search, Bing Search, Yahoo Search and alsoyou can add your own custom source . Traffic Source is an important index to impact quality.

  • Plays Importan Role in SEO
  • Improves Statistics of traffic
  • Set Keyword for Souce of Google, Bing and Yahoo search
  • Source Visible in all Analytic with keywords

All in One Package
Inbuilt IP Proxy ,7+ Devices Modules,10+ Browsers,5+ Operating Systems

You have to not to purchase additional IP Proxys , we have in built fresh proxy with auto update, so your traffic will look more real and effective.
We have also added modules of different devices like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, etc and also sends traffic from different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc also this software can send traffic from different devices like PC, Mobile and tablet.

  • Inbuilt IP Proxy
  • Inbuilt Browsers Modules
  • Inbuilt Operating System Modules
  • Inbuilt Devices Modules

Targeted Traffic, Mouse activity, Pop-up management,

You can set traffic from targeted country, generally this ttypes of traffic takes more time. You can set custom mouse activity on pages like click on button or link and also you can manage pop-up windows weather you want to send traffic to pop-up window page or not.

  • Set mouse activity
  • Set Targeted Traffic from your required country
  • Pop-up manage
  • Traffic time management



Know our software's amazing features.

Why this is the best option for you?

  • Unlimited Traffic 24*7
  • Set Hits To Send Per URL
  • Multithreading
  • Allows subpage visits to improve Bounce rate
  • Allows mouse click to improve engagement
  • Allows traffic from PC, Mobile devices and tablets with various browsers and operating systems
  • Allows to set traffic source and keywords to improve SEO
  • Allows to send targeted traffic to desired site
  • Trackable in all analytics including Google Analytics, Goo.gl, Bit.ly and many more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don't need to purchase any proxies. We have inbuilt auto fresh proxies software available.
With this software ytou can send upto unlimited traffic there is no limit, with lates PC you can send about 10,000 hits to any website in a day.
You will receive 1 PC licence , it means you can use this software upto 1 PC, i will suggest you to not to share or sell this because more than three pc usage your licence will become invalid and also get suspended.
Yes ofcorse, your traffic will be visible in Google Analytics. Google analytic generally avoid all traffic generating from bots and fake softwares but in our case, all traffic is 100% visible in Google analytic.
Yes ofcouse you can request feature, just send me a mail at [email protected] regarding your inquiry.
This software works in almost all system.
Runtime Enviroment:XP,2003,Vista,Win7,Win8,Win10
This actually the most common question I receive but unfortunately it's also not one that I can give a simple yes or no answer for being AdSense safe really comes down to the way you choose to use MyWebTraffic4U and not MyWebTraffic4U itself.
An example would be that if your website is having daily 100 visitors and suddenly if you will increase viitors to 1000 than it will show about 1000% increase in traffic. AdSence algorithm may mark you as suspect due to such sudden increase in your traffic, but if you will use our software in systametic way like increasing traffic 5% for first 15 days and then 10 for next 2 to 3 months then it will create a real looking graph and there is very less chance of getting identified. So like our other customer , you can run this software with some more experiments to increase your traffic and income.
MWT4U (MyWebTrfic4U) with built-in explorer continues to visit other sites in the background,which is abnormal and detected as virus by security software. But there is no trojan virus in it.It forbids all kinds of dangerous scripts.User could add MWT4U (MyWebTrfic4U) in the trusted list. or use software after disabling Antivirus.
At certain interval we are developing new features in this software, If there is some importan updates than your software might stop working and shows popup to upadate.
We will send you a download link to update that software on your registered email id , if you have not received such mail feel free to write me at [email protected]
Windows 7 , windows 8 and windows 10. Both 36 and 64 bit.

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